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Norstar offers a multi-faceted approach that includes identifying the most strategic & tactical approaches, for your company, to accelerate revenue growth and achieve business success. Norstar is a team of senior marketing & sales executives with extensive experience and long-term relationships with virtually all major companies involved in advertising, media, consumer & B-to-B marketing and sales. Each of our marketing executives has over 25 years of senior-level experience in the communications and media industries: we’re CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s and Managing Directors. We’ve operated a wide scope of media and marketing businesses. Geographically, Norstar is actively engaged in the most important media & marketing business centers in the United States: NYC, LA, SF/Silicon Valley, Chicago/Detroit, and Miami. Additionally, Norstar has strong overseas involvement and C-Level business relationships in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Our relationships in the media, marketing and entertainment industries gives us the know-how and connections to provide viable business strategies to any company that is marketing consumer products and services or distributing & monetizing entertainment content. Our network of industry contacts gives us the ability to implement our recommended strategies in the real-world marketplace. With Norstar’s involvement, substantial business growth can be one or two relationships away; thus, our complete knowledge of the playing field and the key players is of critical importance to our clients success. We construct mutually beneficial partnerships. Our senior level relationships with advertising agencies and their holding companies, brand marketers, media companies and investment firms open up the right doors to close strategic partnerships.

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A core competency of Norstar is the monetization of content through digital & broadcast distribution and advertising sales. Norstar works with and advises many of the largest global content companies. Our relationships with media and technology companies, in addition to ad agencies and brand marketers, allow us to deliver significant monetization & sponsorship deals. Generally, we work with producers, publishers, distribution platforms, ad agencies, adtech companies, and advertisers direct. Our relationships are global, with a recent focus on China and Asia.

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We have decades of experience working on all aspects of the content business including production, distribution, and advertising sales. This experience includes delivering digital video content syndication and advertising sales for local and national TV, network cable, and radio. Utilizing creative approaches, Norstar excels at maximizing content usage. We understand content management platforms, as well as demand side and supply side platforms. We know how they work from a technical and functional standpoint. Through repositioning and expanding the distribution of existing content, we strive to increase audience size to create a significant mass offering that is required and demanded by agencies and advertisers.

Services_Content Syndication
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